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Ensure Accuracy in Every Duct Leakage Test

Duct leakage testing is notoriously time-consuming, especially when it comes to prep work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make duct leakage testing faster and more convenient, all without sacrificing the accuracy of your test results? With Vent Cap Systems, now you can. Vent Caps allow you to seal vents quickly and easily, with a seal that outshines that of traditional energy audit tape.

Get a Better Seal with Vent Caps

If you’ve ever worked with energy audit tape, then you know how messy and wasteful the process can be. It can easily take multiple attempts before you are able to effectively seal a vent for testing, and even then, the seal only covers the face of the vent. With Vent Caps, you can seal around the entire vent rather than just the face of it. Vent Caps seal using a simple hook and pull system, along with a flexible foam gasket that can conform to any surface — even the most heavily textured walls and ceilings. This gives you a better seal and ultimately more accurate results in your duct leakage testing.

Simple & Reliable Sealing

Vent Caps are so easy to use that they are virtually foolproof. To seal a Vent Cap around a vent, you simply attach the inside hook to the vent, position the Vent Cap over it, and then use the spring loaded fastener to create a seal. While with energy audit tape the quality of the seal largely depends on the person applying it, Vent Caps offer a strong and reliable seal every time. The Vent Cap’s squishy foam gasket safely seals against any surface, while the machined aluminum, spring-loaded fastener on top creates a reliable hold for both positive and negative pressure duct leakage tests. As a result, you get precise duct leakage test results that you can trust.

See the Difference for Yourself

Using Vent Caps instead of tape can make all the difference in your duct leakage testing. Want to see how it works? Watch the video below to see how Vent Caps can ensure accuracy in all of your duct leakage tests.

Make your duct leakage testing as accurate as possible. Explore our many Vent Cap Systems options to find the right solution for your business.
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