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The Single: For First-Timers

Want to try out Vent Caps but are hesitant about making a heavy investment? Trying out the “Single” will let you see how it works before you commit to a bigger investment. Once you see how much time and effort it saves you and your crew, we guarantee you’ll be ordering more.

About The “Single”

Trying the “Single” lets you see what Vent Cap Systems might do for you and your crew as you conduct energy audits and duct leakage tests for your customers. With the “Single,” you can quickly and easily seal supply vents for duct leakage testing, all with a 100% reusable tool. Like all of our Vent Caps, the “Single” features durable injection molded plastic construction and a non-damaging foam gasket. It can be attached without a ladder using our exclusive Pole RAT™ (remote attachment tool).

The “Single” features a 1/4" barbed adapter to attach your reference hose. That's the green hose on a Duct Blaster® or the blue hose on a DucTester™.

The "Single" may also be used as a small pressure pan. Comparably sized pressure pans sell for $80 or more, so our Vent Cap is a great value at under half the price!

The Single Vent Caps

Using The “Single”

When you try the “Single,” you’ll be amazed at how much time you save on your duct leakage testing. To use it, simply set the hook with the remote attachment tool, raise the Vent Cap with the same tool, and then release the Vent Cap by placing it firmly over the duct register. It takes 20 seconds or less, and you won’t be throwing away tons of vent tape when you’re finished.

Try Vent Cap Systems Before You Commit

Are you new to Vent Cap Systems? If you’re curious about how our Vent Caps might help your business save time and money, trying out the “Single” is a great place for you to start. It’s easy to use and because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, trying it is completely risk-free.

Try out the “Single” for yourself, or shop our other Vent Cap solutions to find what will work best for you and your business. If you’re still apprehensive about your investment, feel free to take a look at our testimonials before you buy.

Are you curious about what Vent Cap Systems could do for you and your business? Try out the “Single” to see how our Vent Caps can save you time and money!
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