Try Vent Caps and See the Time Savings Yourself

Are you still using vent tape and ladders to test duct leakage? Are you tired of pulling paint off of customers’ walls and registers when removing tape? Is moving a ladder around in small or crowded spaces getting old? There is a better way.

Vent Caps are reusable air vent covers. They’re faster, less expensive, safer and more environmentally friendly than using duct mask. And best of all, they’re risk-free!

Vent Cap Guarantee


Homeowners don’t exactly clear runways for you to work in. Ever bump a curio cabinet full of glass antiques or had to maneuver your ladder around what appeared to be a Ming vase on a tiny display stand just to get near a vent? What about that wallpaper that started to peel off with the tape in that dining room that could’ve been featured in House Beautiful magazine? You can avoid those hassles, along with the years they take off your life (picture that vase wobbling a bit), with Vent Caps.

Why You’ll Really Like (Dare We Say Love?) Vent Caps

  • Vent Caps use a Pole RAT™, a simple hook and seal system that seals completely and reliably in seconds, even on heavily textured surfaces.
  • Vent Caps are reusable, saving you thousands on tape and man hours each year.
  • No ladder to haul around, set up and climb! You, and customers’ furnishings, are safer when you’re working with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • There’s no old tape to dispose of, which is quicker for you, and better for the environment.
  • There’s absolutely NO RISK with our full one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A Word from One of Our Customers

    We don’t expect you to believe us when we tell you Vent Caps will radically improve the way you test for leaks. Here’s a testimonial from someone who’s tried Vent Caps:

    “The Vent Caps help us save time and money and they look more professional than tape. A must-have for testing companies looking to be more efficient in the field. Thank you for a great product.” - David, St. Louis

    Try Vent Caps Yourself—There’s No Risk

    You don’t have to take his word for it, either. Testimonials are great, but there’s nothing like trying something out firsthand while you’re on the job. To earn your trust, Vent Cap Systems offers a full one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Vent Caps.

    We’re confident you’ll find our Vent Caps save you time and money—not to mention all the frustration that comes with tape and ladders.

    Order your Vent Caps today and let us know what you think! Contact us anytime with questions.

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    The Single: For First-Timers

    Want to try out Vent Caps but are hesitant about making a heavy investment? Trying out the “Single” will let you see how it works before you commit to a bigger investment. Once you see how much time and effort it saves you and your crew, we guarantee you’ll be ordering more.

    About The “Single”

    Trying the “Single” lets you see what Vent Cap Systems might do for you and your crew as you conduct energy audits and duct leakage tests for your customers. With the “Single,” you can quickly and easily seal supply vents for duct leakage testing, all with a 100% reusable tool. Like all of our Vent Caps, the “Single” features durable injection molded plastic construction and a non-damaging foam gasket. It can be attached without a ladder using our exclusive Pole RAT™ (remote attachment tool).

    The “Single” features a 1/4" barbed adapter to attach your reference hose. That's the green hose on a Duct Blaster® or the blue hose on a DucTester™.

    The "Single" may also be used as a small pressure pan. Comparably sized pressure pans sell for $80 or more, so our Vent Cap is a great value at under half the price!

    The Single Vent Caps

    Using The “Single”

    When you try the “Single,” you’ll be amazed at how much time you save on your duct leakage testing. To use it, simply set the hook with the remote attachment tool, raise the Vent Cap with the same tool, and then release the Vent Cap by placing it firmly over the duct register. It takes 20 seconds or less, and you won’t be throwing away tons of vent tape when you’re finished.

    Try Vent Cap Systems Before You Commit

    Are you new to Vent Cap Systems? If you’re curious about how our Vent Caps might help your business save time and money, trying out the “Single” is a great place for you to start. It’s easy to use and because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, trying it is completely risk-free.

    Try out the “Single” for yourself, or shop our other Vent Cap solutions to find what will work best for you and your business. If you’re still apprehensive about your investment, feel free to take a look at our testimonials before you buy.

    Are you curious about what Vent Cap Systems could do for you and your business? Try out the “Single” to see how our Vent Caps can save you time and money!

    Vent Caps Look Good and Work Anywhere!

    Energy auditors and building analysts are all too familiar with the challenges of vent sealing for duct leakage testing — shaky ladders, messy tape, damaging equipment, and a time-consuming process, just to name a few. Fortunately, there is a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also looks good as it does so. Vent Cap Systems allow you to seal any vent quickly and conveniently in a way that looks professional.

    Vent Caps Looks Great

    Say Goodbye to Messy Tape

    When you use vent tape over the register and surrounding area to seal a vent for duct leakage testing, you run the risk of pulling paint off of the registers or walls. You also often have to put up with tape that doesn’t want to stick to a textured surface. All in all, this makes for a long and tedious application process, along with a messy clean-up process. Add these things together with the fact that you often have to use a ladder to do much of the work, and you hardly have a process that looks professional to the homeowner.

    Make Your Duct Leakage Testing Look More Professional

    Homeowners need to trust the people coming into their home. Every little thing helps — and that means not moving around on a shaky ladder and making a mess with tape. Vent Cap Systems are the ultimate solution in making your energy audits and duct leakage testing look more professional. With Vent Caps, you can completely eliminate the need for tape, quickly sealing vents with clean and reusable vent covers. And because you won’t need a ladder (thanks to the Pole RAT™), you can walk through a customer’s home without worry of damaging any property.

    Vent Cap Systems: A Solution that Works Anywhere

    If you have done your share of duct leakage testing, you have come across some interesting locations for vents, such as in the carpet or on the ceiling. Vent Caps are capable of compressing onto carpet as well as sealing onto all types of ceilings — even popcorn ceilings. This is because of the Vent Cap’s unique ability to seal using pressure and non-damaging foam. Where with vent tape you might have trouble getting your seals to stay in certain locations, you never need to worry about an inadequate seal with Vent Caps.

    Interested in finding out if Vent Caps are right for you? With our 30-day money back guarantee, trying them is completely risk-free. So if you want a solution to the challenges of vent sealing that looks professional and works anywhere, now is the time to try Vent Caps for yourself!

    Make your energy audits and duct leakage tests look more professional while taking half the time. Find out which Vent Cap solution is right for you!

    [Infographic] Benefits of Vent Cap Systems

    Benefits of Vent Caps Infographic

    No More Pulling Paint Off the Registers or Walls!

    Believe it or not, but your job performing duct leakage tests is dangerous. When you’re relying on vent tape, you run the risk of falling off a ladder and easily damaging your customer’s home. Ditching the tape and starting to use Vent Caps will solve both problems. You’ll be able to lose the ladder and do a better job of protecting the property you’re testing.

    How Vent Caps Work

    Unlike vent tape which has an adhesive that sticks to the register and surrounding area, a Vent Cap simply locks into place over the register with non-damaging foam and adequate pressure.

    Instead of having to climb a ladder and deal with sticky, cumbersome tape, you just connect the hook onto the pole RAT (remote attachment tool). You then place the hook flush with the duct register and attach it by turning it 90°. Once that’s done, you snap the hanging Vent Cap onto the pole RAT and raise it along the cord towards the register. Finally, you rock the pole to the side while keeping positive pressure on the cord and hook, and release the Vent Cap.

    While it may seem like a few steps, it actually takes only 20 seconds to seal a register and 10 seconds to unseal it. With vent tape, you have to climb a ladder and deal with applying and adjusting tape onto each register. This takes at least a minute or two, and that’s only if you’re lucky.

    duct leakage test paint

    Protect Your Customer’s Home During Duct Leakage Testing

    Vent tape requires you to be extra cautious with application and removal. You’ve likely experienced the annoyance when tape doesn’t want to stick to a register on a textured surface, or the sheer terror when you rip off some paint or wallpaper.

    With Vent Caps, you get a tight seal that doesn’t use any adhesive, so both application and removal are quick, and there’s no risk of any unexpected damage. On top of protecting your customer’s walls and ceilings, you’ll also be protecting their furniture and yourself by not having to use a ladder!

    Stay Professional with Vent Cap Systems

    Avoid damaging your customer’s home with adhesive vent tape and a bulky ladder. The innovative products from Vent Cap Systems can help you conduct your duct leakage tests faster while also saving you money and the threat of the problems that tape causes.

    Don’t risk damaging your customer’s property. See which Vent Cap solutions will protect their home while saving you both time and money.

    Meet Industry Standards with Vent Caps

    Conducting duct leakage tests requires a tight seal on every register. Previously this was only possible with vent tape, but now there’s a better solution — one that’s been approved by BPI: Vent Caps.

    Building Performance Institute Seal of Approval

    For over 20 years, contractors have trusted the Building Performance Institute to set the highest industry standards for energy efficiency diagnostics and installations. In order to help contractors get the best results and enforce industry regulations, the BPI Product Listing Program now identifies the products, tools, and materials that are the most effective. The rigorous quality assurance process ensures only the best products receive the coveted seal of approval.

    bpi certified Vent Cap

    I submitted Vent Caps for approval and was accepted as a BPI Listed Product in July 2016. This recognition as a time- and cost-saving product that meets industry standards has already helped contractors across the country make their duct and envelope tightness (DET) and duct leakage testing even easier.

    The BPI Listed Product Approval Process

    The process I followed to receive the Building Performance Institute seal of approval for Vent Cap Systems included sending an application with various forms of lab tests and proof that Vent Caps complied with industry standard and testing requirements. Then, I worked with a BPI Client Relations Representative while the effectiveness of Vent Caps was tested and reviewed. Finally, once Vent Caps were proven to be an extremely effective product that BPI would be happy to recommend to contractors for duct leakage testing, I finally received the Product Listing.

    Leave the Past of Duct Leakage Tests Behind with Vent Caps

    If you’re performing duct leakage tests, you must be certified by the Building Performance Institute. So why would you keep using the old way — vent tape and ladders — if BPI has already put their stamp of approval on Vent Caps?

    By using Vent Caps, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll also save money and avoid contributing to waste with nonreusable tape. You won’t have to climb unsteady ladders and risk damaging walls or ceilings. Vent Caps are reusable and durable, with an effective seal that doesn’t damage surfaces. Since you can use a pole RAT (remote attachment tool), you won’t have to climb a ladder and sealing and unsealing a register only takes a total of 30 seconds!

    So if you haven’t tried Vent Cap Systems yet, there’s never been a better time to finally get up to industry standards. With the full one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

    Ready to leave the tape behind for the new BPI industry standard: Vent Caps? Browse the solutions right for you.