Try Vent Caps and See the Time Savings Yourself

Are you still using vent tape and ladders to test duct leakage? Are you tired of pulling paint off of customers’ walls and registers when removing tape? Is moving a ladder around in small or crowded spaces getting old? There is a better way.

Vent Caps are reusable air vent covers. They’re faster, less expensive, safer and more environmentally friendly than using duct mask. And best of all, they’re risk-free!

Vent Cap Guarantee


Homeowners don’t exactly clear runways for you to work in. Ever bump a curio cabinet full of glass antiques or had to maneuver your ladder around what appeared to be a Ming vase on a tiny display stand just to get near a vent? What about that wallpaper that started to peel off with the tape in that dining room that could’ve been featured in House Beautiful magazine? You can avoid those hassles, along with the years they take off your life (picture that vase wobbling a bit), with Vent Caps.

Why You’ll Really Like (Dare We Say Love?) Vent Caps

  • Vent Caps use a Pole RAT™, a simple hook and seal system that seals completely and reliably in seconds, even on heavily textured surfaces.
  • Vent Caps are reusable, saving you thousands on tape and man hours each year.
  • No ladder to haul around, set up and climb! You, and customers’ furnishings, are safer when you’re working with your feet firmly on the ground.
  • There’s no old tape to dispose of, which is quicker for you, and better for the environment.
  • There’s absolutely NO RISK with our full one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A Word from One of Our Customers

    We don’t expect you to believe us when we tell you Vent Caps will radically improve the way you test for leaks. Here’s a testimonial from someone who’s tried Vent Caps:

    “The Vent Caps help us save time and money and they look more professional than tape. A must-have for testing companies looking to be more efficient in the field. Thank you for a great product.” - David, St. Louis

    Try Vent Caps Yourself—There’s No Risk

    You don’t have to take his word for it, either. Testimonials are great, but there’s nothing like trying something out firsthand while you’re on the job. To earn your trust, Vent Cap Systems offers a full one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Vent Caps.

    We’re confident you’ll find our Vent Caps save you time and money—not to mention all the frustration that comes with tape and ladders.

    Order your Vent Caps today and let us know what you think! Contact us anytime with questions.

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    The Most Difficult Air Vents to Seal

    Every contractor who performs duct leakage testing knows the process of sealing a supply register all too well. You start by pulling your vent tape out from the roll, taking two or three attempts to get a clean and wrinkle-free sheet. After ripping it off, you apply it to the surface of the register, hoping to get a proper seal the first time. Then you poke a hole in the tape and feed in the pressure hose, only to apply another piece of tape on top.

    If you ever have to prepare a home for duct leakage testing, you know the pains of using vent tape to seal air vents. It frequently pulls paint off walls and registers, and you often need a bulky ladder to apply it in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also wasteful, with wads of tape going straight to the trash after every test. Perhaps the biggest inconvenience, however, is how time-consuming it can be to apply vent tape to less-than-ideal surfaces.

    “Problem Surfaces” for Vent Tape

    Tape is notoriously difficult to apply — especially on certain surfaces. Vents that are dirty, freshly painted, or covered with condensation could all be considered “problem surfaces” for vent tape.

    • Dirty Vents

    Vents that are caked with dirt and grime can be especially hard to seal. A dirty surface tends to repel any sort of adhesive, and all of that dirt can be gross to be so close to.

    • Freshly Painted Vents

    Freshly painted vents present another problem. Vent tape adhesive can easily pull up any paint that hasn’t fully dried, and any knick or peel will show big time.

    • Condensation Covered Vents

    Many homes have “sweating ducts,” or vents that are covered in condensation. This can stem from a variety of issues, including high humidity levels and poor ductwork insulation. Whatever the cause, it’s bad news for duct leakage testing because the moisture interferes with the seal you are trying to get with vent tape.

    Protect Customer Property — and Your Reputation

    Looking for a vent sealing solution that works anywhere? Now you can seal air vents for energy audits and duct leakage testing with something that works on any surface. Vent Cap Systems were designed to help contractors avoid the headache associated with using vent tape. Each Vent Cap features a thick, 1/2" foam gasket that safely seals against any surface, including popcorn textured ceilings and tricky air vents. The best part? You’ll save time, and you won’t have to worry about being liable for damaging paint or wallpaper with sticky vent tape adhesive.

    Don’t let vent tape hold you back in your duct testing. Find the Vent Caps right for you!

    Vent Caps Savings Are All in the Unique Design

    How many times has the tape you use to seal and cover vents stuck to ceiling and register paint, plaster or wallpaper? And how many times have you had to waste time peeling it off excruciatingly slowly so no damage is caused? Last, how many times has the paint peeled or paper torn in spite of your efforts?

    Vent Caps are a truly revolutionary way to seal vents for duct leakage testing. They’re not only extremely efficient to use, saving you time and money, but they cut out the sticky bit that causes trouble — the tape!

    How Does Vent Caps Do It?
  • No Tape, No Tearing

    Vent Caps require no tape at all. You just use the simple hook and pull system while standing on terra firma (no ladders required either!) to pop the Vent Caps into place before the test and to remove them afterward. No tape, no damage, and no mess.

  • Lean and Green Design

  • Eliminating tape makes duct testing quicker and easier. Not only is there no tape application or removal required, but there’s also no sticky ball of tape to dispose of when the job is done. Picture all the tape you’ve thrown away accumulated into one big non-biodegradable gooey pile. Now imagine never having to throw tape away again.

    Sturdy Vent Caps are completely reusable, so when there’s no tape to throw away, there’s less job waste all around for the landfills. It’s a feel-good situation for you and one your environmentally conscious customers will appreciate, too!

  • A More Efficient Operation

  • You’ll save money by not having to buy tape. And you’ll save time by not using it. Vent Caps speed up your operations, saving you thousands on man hours every year. Spend less time at each location and pass those savings—along with the energy savings your tests reveal—on to your customers.

    Don’t get stuck using tape again! Try Vent Caps for increased efficiency, greener operations and savings that add up from job to job.

    Order your Vent Caps today and start saving!

    Vent Caps vs. Tape

    Safe Employees Are Happy Employees

    They say that good help is hard to find. So when you find outstanding employees, you do everything you can to keep them happy and safe. That way they’ll be around for the long haul, and you’ll save yourself the disruption and added costs associated with injuries and high employee turnover.

    Recognize the Hidden Hazards


    It’s easy to forget that ladders are, in fact, tools. Workers don’t often think of them as such, but it’s true. And just like the saws, drivers and drills found on most construction sites, they can hurt as much as they can help.

    According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, among construction workers, 81% of all fall injuries involve a ladder. And that’s across all the trades, which includes a huge swath of specialized workers who never set foot on a ladder. Realistically, the incidence of workplace injury on sites involving a ladder is even higher.

    In the home energy efficiency sector, ladders aren’t just a commonly used tool--they might even be the most frequently used tool that most contractors carry in their trucks. That’s especially true for vent duct testers and energy auditors, who deal with hard-to-reach registers all day long. Odds are, if you work in this industry you live on a ladder.

    Innovation Saves the Day

    Vent Cap Systems’ innovative self-sealing, reusable Vent Caps make ladders obsolete. The Pole RAT (Remote Attachment Tool) screws onto the tip of any standard painter’s pole, allowing you and your employees to access registers safely and comfortably.

    Attaching a Vent Cap is as easy as raising the hook to the register and then twisting the pole RAT 90 degrees to secure it to the faceplate. Then simply snap the Vent Cap to the pole RAT and use the cord to guide it into alignment with the register. Once it’s flush with the ceiling, moving the pole in a slight rocking motion (maintaining tension on the cord) creates the seal needed to keep it in place.

    All of this can be achieved in a matter of just 20 seconds--no ladders or sticky, messy vent tape required.

    Ladder Free: The Way to Be

    While we all recognize the dangers associated with climbing ladders--tipping, slips, falls and even repetitive stress injuries associated with over-use of knees, ankles and hips--there are other benefits to going ladder-free. The perk your employees might notice the most is less stress.

    Carrying heavier ladders through clients’ homes and rearranging their furniture to access registers is more than another potential source of injury. It’s also no fun. Removing that kind of consideration from your employees’ routine can make them happier and more productive, which pays dividends and keep them around.

    Invest in Ladder-Free Employee Satisfaction With Innovative Vent Caps

    Ensure Accuracy in Every Duct Leakage Test

    Duct leakage testing is notoriously time-consuming, especially when it comes to prep work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make duct leakage testing faster and more convenient, all without sacrificing the accuracy of your test results? With Vent Cap Systems, now you can. Vent Caps allow you to seal vents quickly and easily, with a seal that outshines that of traditional energy audit tape.

    Get a Better Seal with Vent Caps

    If you’ve ever worked with energy audit tape, then you know how messy and wasteful the process can be. It can easily take multiple attempts before you are able to effectively seal a vent for testing, and even then, the seal only covers the face of the vent. With Vent Caps, you can seal around the entire vent rather than just the face of it. Vent Caps seal using a simple hook and pull system, along with a flexible foam gasket that can conform to any surface — even the most heavily textured walls and ceilings. This gives you a better seal and ultimately more accurate results in your duct leakage testing.

    Simple & Reliable Sealing

    Vent Caps are so easy to use that they are virtually foolproof. To seal a Vent Cap around a vent, you simply attach the inside hook to the vent, position the Vent Cap over it, and then use the spring loaded fastener to create a seal. While with energy audit tape the quality of the seal largely depends on the person applying it, Vent Caps offer a strong and reliable seal every time. The Vent Cap’s squishy foam gasket safely seals against any surface, while the machined aluminum, spring-loaded fastener on top creates a reliable hold for both positive and negative pressure duct leakage tests. As a result, you get precise duct leakage test results that you can trust.

    See the Difference for Yourself

    Using Vent Caps instead of tape can make all the difference in your duct leakage testing. Want to see how it works? Watch the video below to see how Vent Caps can ensure accuracy in all of your duct leakage tests.

    Make your duct leakage testing as accurate as possible. Explore our many Vent Cap Systems options to find the right solution for your business.

    The Single: For First-Timers

    Want to try out Vent Caps but are hesitant about making a heavy investment? Trying out the “Single” will let you see how it works before you commit to a bigger investment. Once you see how much time and effort it saves you and your crew, we guarantee you’ll be ordering more.

    About The “Single”

    Trying the “Single” lets you see what Vent Cap Systems might do for you and your crew as you conduct energy audits and duct leakage tests for your customers. With the “Single,” you can quickly and easily seal supply vents for duct leakage testing, all with a 100% reusable tool. Like all of our Vent Caps, the “Single” features durable injection molded plastic construction and a non-damaging foam gasket. It can be attached without a ladder using our exclusive Pole RAT™ (remote attachment tool).

    The “Single” features a 1/4" barbed adapter to attach your reference hose. That's the green hose on a Duct Blaster® or the blue hose on a DucTester™.

    The "Single" may also be used as a small pressure pan. Comparably sized pressure pans sell for $80 or more, so our Vent Cap is a great value at under half the price!

    The Single Vent Caps

    Using The “Single”

    When you try the “Single,” you’ll be amazed at how much time you save on your duct leakage testing. To use it, simply set the hook with the remote attachment tool, raise the Vent Cap with the same tool, and then release the Vent Cap by placing it firmly over the duct register. It takes 20 seconds or less, and you won’t be throwing away tons of vent tape when you’re finished.

    Try Vent Cap Systems Before You Commit

    Are you new to Vent Cap Systems? If you’re curious about how our Vent Caps might help your business save time and money, trying out the “Single” is a great place for you to start. It’s easy to use and because we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, trying it is completely risk-free.

    Try out the “Single” for yourself, or shop our other Vent Cap solutions to find what will work best for you and your business. If you’re still apprehensive about your investment, feel free to take a look at our testimonials before you buy.

    Are you curious about what Vent Cap Systems could do for you and your business? Try out the “Single” to see how our Vent Caps can save you time and money!