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Vent Caps Look Good and Work Anywhere!

Energy auditors and building analysts are all too familiar with the challenges of vent sealing for duct leakage testing — shaky ladders, messy tape, damaging equipment, and a time-consuming process, just to name a few. Fortunately, there is a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also looks good as it does so. Vent Cap Systems allow you to seal any vent quickly and conveniently in a way that looks professional.

Vent Caps Looks Great

Say Goodbye to Messy Tape

When you use vent tape over the register and surrounding area to seal a vent for duct leakage testing, you run the risk of pulling paint off of the registers or walls. You also often have to put up with tape that doesn’t want to stick to a textured surface. All in all, this makes for a long and tedious application process, along with a messy clean-up process. Add these things together with the fact that you often have to use a ladder to do much of the work, and you hardly have a process that looks professional to the homeowner.

Make Your Duct Leakage Testing Look More Professional

Homeowners need to trust the people coming into their home. Every little thing helps — and that means not moving around on a shaky ladder and making a mess with tape. Vent Cap Systems are the ultimate solution in making your energy audits and duct leakage testing look more professional. With Vent Caps, you can completely eliminate the need for tape, quickly sealing vents with clean and reusable vent covers. And because you won’t need a ladder (thanks to the Pole RAT™), you can walk through a customer’s home without worry of damaging any property.

Vent Cap Systems: A Solution that Works Anywhere

If you have done your share of duct leakage testing, you have come across some interesting locations for vents, such as in the carpet or on the ceiling. Vent Caps are capable of compressing onto carpet as well as sealing onto all types of ceilings — even popcorn ceilings. This is because of the Vent Cap’s unique ability to seal using pressure and non-damaging foam. Where with vent tape you might have trouble getting your seals to stay in certain locations, you never need to worry about an inadequate seal with Vent Caps.

Interested in finding out if Vent Caps are right for you? With our 30-day money back guarantee, trying them is completely risk-free. So if you want a solution to the challenges of vent sealing that looks professional and works anywhere, now is the time to try Vent Caps for yourself!

Make your energy audits and duct leakage tests look more professional while taking half the time. Find out which Vent Cap solution is right for you!
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