Vent Caps Look Good and Work Anywhere!

Energy auditors and building analysts are all too familiar with the challenges of vent sealing for duct leakage testing — shaky ladders, messy tape, damaging equipment, and a time-consuming process, just to name a few. Fortunately, there is a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also looks good as it does so. Vent Cap Systems allow you to seal any vent quickly and conveniently in a way that looks professional.

Vent Caps Looks Great

Say Goodbye to Messy Tape

When you use vent tape over the register and surrounding area to seal a vent for duct leakage testing, you run the risk of pulling paint off of the registers or walls. You also often have to put up with tape that doesn’t want to stick to a textured surface. All in all, this makes for a long and tedious application process, along with a messy clean-up process. Add these things together with the fact that you often have to use a ladder to do much of the work, and you hardly have a process that looks professional to the homeowner.

Make Your Duct Leakage Testing Look More Professional

Homeowners need to trust the people coming into their home. Every little thing helps — and that means not moving around on a shaky ladder and making a mess with tape. Vent Cap Systems are the ultimate solution in making your energy audits and duct leakage testing look more professional. With Vent Caps, you can completely eliminate the need for tape, quickly sealing vents with clean and reusable vent covers. And because you won’t need a ladder (thanks to the Pole RAT™), you can walk through a customer’s home without worry of damaging any property.

Vent Cap Systems: A Solution that Works Anywhere

If you have done your share of duct leakage testing, you have come across some interesting locations for vents, such as in the carpet or on the ceiling. Vent Caps are capable of compressing onto carpet as well as sealing onto all types of ceilings — even popcorn ceilings. This is because of the Vent Cap’s unique ability to seal using pressure and non-damaging foam. Where with vent tape you might have trouble getting your seals to stay in certain locations, you never need to worry about an inadequate seal with Vent Caps.

Interested in finding out if Vent Caps are right for you? With our 30-day money back guarantee, trying them is completely risk-free. So if you want a solution to the challenges of vent sealing that looks professional and works anywhere, now is the time to try Vent Caps for yourself!

Make your energy audits and duct leakage tests look more professional while taking half the time. Find out which Vent Cap solution is right for you!

[Infographic] Benefits of Vent Cap Systems

Benefits of Vent Caps Infographic

No More Pulling Paint Off the Registers or Walls!

Believe it or not, but your job performing duct leakage tests is dangerous. When you’re relying on vent tape, you run the risk of falling off a ladder and easily damaging your customer’s home. Ditching the tape and starting to use Vent Caps will solve both problems. You’ll be able to lose the ladder and do a better job of protecting the property you’re testing.

How Vent Caps Work

Unlike vent tape which has an adhesive that sticks to the register and surrounding area, a Vent Cap simply locks into place over the register with non-damaging foam and adequate pressure.

Instead of having to climb a ladder and deal with sticky, cumbersome tape, you just connect the hook onto the pole RAT (remote attachment tool). You then place the hook flush with the duct register and attach it by turning it 90°. Once that’s done, you snap the hanging Vent Cap onto the pole RAT and raise it along the cord towards the register. Finally, you rock the pole to the side while keeping positive pressure on the cord and hook, and release the Vent Cap.

While it may seem like a few steps, it actually takes only 20 seconds to seal a register and 10 seconds to unseal it. With vent tape, you have to climb a ladder and deal with applying and adjusting tape onto each register. This takes at least a minute or two, and that’s only if you’re lucky.

duct leakage test paint

Protect Your Customer’s Home During Duct Leakage Testing

Vent tape requires you to be extra cautious with application and removal. You’ve likely experienced the annoyance when tape doesn’t want to stick to a register on a textured surface, or the sheer terror when you rip off some paint or wallpaper.

With Vent Caps, you get a tight seal that doesn’t use any adhesive, so both application and removal are quick, and there’s no risk of any unexpected damage. On top of protecting your customer’s walls and ceilings, you’ll also be protecting their furniture and yourself by not having to use a ladder!

Stay Professional with Vent Cap Systems

Avoid damaging your customer’s home with adhesive vent tape and a bulky ladder. The innovative products from Vent Cap Systems can help you conduct your duct leakage tests faster while also saving you money and the threat of the problems that tape causes.

Don’t risk damaging your customer’s property. See which Vent Cap solutions will protect their home while saving you both time and money.

Meet Industry Standards with Vent Caps

Conducting duct leakage tests requires a tight seal on every register. Previously this was only possible with vent tape, but now there’s a better solution — one that’s been approved by BPI: Vent Caps.

Building Performance Institute Seal of Approval

For over 20 years, contractors have trusted the Building Performance Institute to set the highest industry standards for energy efficiency diagnostics and installations. In order to help contractors get the best results and enforce industry regulations, the BPI Product Listing Program now identifies the products, tools, and materials that are the most effective. The rigorous quality assurance process ensures only the best products receive the coveted seal of approval.

bpi certified Vent Cap

I submitted Vent Caps for approval and was accepted as a BPI Listed Product in July 2016. This recognition as a time- and cost-saving product that meets industry standards has already helped contractors across the country make their duct and envelope tightness (DET) and duct leakage testing even easier.

The BPI Listed Product Approval Process

The process I followed to receive the Building Performance Institute seal of approval for Vent Cap Systems included sending an application with various forms of lab tests and proof that Vent Caps complied with industry standard and testing requirements. Then, I worked with a BPI Client Relations Representative while the effectiveness of Vent Caps was tested and reviewed. Finally, once Vent Caps were proven to be an extremely effective product that BPI would be happy to recommend to contractors for duct leakage testing, I finally received the Product Listing.

Leave the Past of Duct Leakage Tests Behind with Vent Caps

If you’re performing duct leakage tests, you must be certified by the Building Performance Institute. So why would you keep using the old way — vent tape and ladders — if BPI has already put their stamp of approval on Vent Caps?

By using Vent Caps, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll also save money and avoid contributing to waste with nonreusable tape. You won’t have to climb unsteady ladders and risk damaging walls or ceilings. Vent Caps are reusable and durable, with an effective seal that doesn’t damage surfaces. Since you can use a pole RAT (remote attachment tool), you won’t have to climb a ladder and sealing and unsealing a register only takes a total of 30 seconds!

So if you haven’t tried Vent Cap Systems yet, there’s never been a better time to finally get up to industry standards. With the full one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Ready to leave the tape behind for the new BPI industry standard: Vent Caps? Browse the solutions right for you.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Use Vent Cap Systems

how to use Vent Cap Systems

Lose the Ladder By Switching to Vent Cap Systems

Duct leakage tests and energy audits require a lot of equipment, right? But what if you could eliminate the ladder and the vent tape with one solution? It’s now possible with the simplicity of Vent Caps!

The Dangers of Duct Leakage Testing

Setting up for a duct leakage test requires positioning a ladder under every register, climbing up, and wrestling with the tape needed to seal it.

Now think about it — how many times did you knock the ladder into something at a customer’s home? Did you ever place it slightly off-kilter and take a spill? How long does take you to set up your ladder, climb up, seal the register, and climb down each and every time?

When you take a moment to think about it, you see just how much is at stake when conducting duct leakage tests with tape and ladders.

-You can damage property.

-You can easily hurt yourself.

-You waste time with setup and cleanup


So whether you’re a one-person show or leading a whole contracting company, imagine just how much you can lose by continuing to use ladders and vent tape.

Stay Safe & Save Time with Vent Cap Systems

With Vent Caps, ladders and vent tape are removed from the equation entirely. Since all you have to do with a Vent Cap is use a pole RAT (remote attachment tool) to cover and seal a register, you won’t have to waste time or endanger yourself, your team, or a homeowner’s property.

The savings from Vent Caps add up quickly. There won’t be any lost wages due to injury and you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements for damaged property. Since Vent Caps are reusable and extremely durable, you also won’t have to continue buying endless amounts of vent tape. Finally, you’ll save time and be able to spend more time testing, instead of setting up and cleaning up.

Vent Caps — The Benefits Speak for Themselves

With how much using ladders is inevitably costing you and how much you could be saving by using Vent Cap Systems, what are you waiting for?

Ryan Marshall from Best Property Improvements in Salt Lake City, Utah found out just how invaluable Vent Caps are as soon as his company started using them. Here’s what he has to say:

“Before we got Vent Cap Systems, I don't know how we survived without them. We have done about 350 duct seals since getting them and they save us at least 30 minutes per house. That's about 175 hours of labor I didn't have to pay for. They have paid for themselves time and time again. They are easy to use, my guys don't have to carry ladders, and my "tape bill" is almost non-existent. Thanks Corey for making a great product!”

So are you also ready to lose the ladder? Vent Cap Systems makes it easy. Browse the Vent Cap solutions right for you.

Your Duct Leakage Testing Could Take Less Time!

As an energy auditor or HVAC professional, you know just how time-consuming taping up each duct vent can be during a leakage test. What if there was an easier way that would allow you to spend less time taping, so you can go about your day more quickly and easily?

Vent Cap Systems Save Time

Compared with traditional vent tape where you have to climb up on a ladder and deal with a sticky mess each and every time, Vent Cap Systems allows you to spend less than 30 seconds sealing and unsealing a vent.

That’s only half a minute per vent! At such a quick pace, you could seal and unseal 30 registers in only 15 minutes. When was the last time you spent only 15 minutes taping a house?

How Vent Caps Work

So just what makes Vent Cap Systems so quick and easy to use? Unlike tape where you have to clamber up a ladder, have appropriately sized pieces of tape ready, place them on and keep your fingers crossed that it holds a seal, Vent Caps make the process smoother. Here’s what sealing vent registers looks like with Vent Caps:

1. Set the Hook

Raise the hook (with the remote attachment tool) with a pole and attach to the register. This won’t require a ladder unless ceilings are incredibly high.

2. Raise Vent Cap

Using the pole lift the Vent Cap along the string, until it’s located just under the register.

3. Release Vent Cap

Finally, release the Vent Cap by placing it firmly over the duct register.

To unseal any vents, you simply have to reverse the process, by first releasing and lowering down the Vent Cap and finally unhooking the system.

Start Saving Time on Your Duct Leakage Tests Today

With Vent Cap Systems, your days of using time-consuming grill tape are over. You won’t have to waste time, money, or carry a ladder all around. Don’t spend any more time messing with unwieldy ladders and sticky, wasteful tape. You can try Vent Cap Systems risk-free with a 30-day money back guarantee and a full one-year warranty, so there’s nothing to lose and only time and savings to gain.

Browse time-saving Vent Cap Systems products and start saving!

Tired of Throwing Away Tons of Vent Tape?

Duct leakage tests and energy audits used to require a lot of tape, but now there’s a better solution. Instead of having to buy large amounts of tape and waste time with messy register sealing, only to throw the tape away, Vent Cap Systems offers a reusable and durable alternative.

vent tape replacementDitch the Tape with Vent Cap Systems

While tape was a practical solution for years, there’s now an easier way to seal registers during your duct leakage tests or energy audits. Vent caps from Vent Cap Systems are reusable, durable, and easy to use. 

Instead of having to use a ladder to seal every register, you can quickly seal and unseal with a vent cap and a pole attachment. On average, you’ll only spend about half a minute sealing and unsealing a vent. Just imagine how long it would take you to tape that same register!

Using Vent Caps Instead of Tape

Vent caps make preparing for and cleaning up after your duct leakage tests quick and simple. The process only involves placing the hook on the register via a pole. Then, you’ll raise the vent cap towards the register along the string. Finally, you’ll release the vent cap where it firmly seals the register.

When you’re done with the testing, you’ll just release the vent cap, lower it down towards yourself, and unhook the system. Everything then packs away and will be ready for your next test. You definitely won’t miss throwing out all that tape! By saving tape and time, you’ll be able to fit in more tests into your day without having to worry about whether you have enough tape to get you through.

Stop Using Tape for Your Duct Leakage Tests!

Tape used to be the only feasible solution for duct leakage tests, but now with Vent Cap Systems, you’ll be able to give up the tape for good. With sturdy and reusable vent caps, you won’t have to use sticky and messy tape to seal vent registers. Over time, you’ll save money while also significantly reducing the amount of time you spend conducting each test. 

You’ve wasted enough tape, so start preserving resources and your time. Trying Vent Cap Systems is completely risk-free. When you purchase vent caps, you’ll receive a 30-day money back guarantee and a total one-year warranty, so there’s nothing to lose — except the tape!

Hate the tape? Browse durable and reusable Vent Cap Systems products.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Lists Reusable Air Vent Covers

I'm proud to announce that Vent Cap Systems has been approved by The Building Performance Institute™ (BPI) for inclusion as a BPI Listed Product.  BPI Listed Products are matched to specific home performance testing standards and other criterion.   Coming on the heels of the USPTO's recent issuance of our patent is certainly welcome news after over five years in the business.  Both are further recognition that Vent Caps are both novel, functional, and necessary tools for anyone doing duct leakage testing.

Tapes Not Sticking To Low VOC Paints?

Home Performance contractors keep telling me that the new Low VOC (volatile organic Painter's Tape compound) paints that some builders are using is making it hard to set up a Duct Blaster® or DucTester™.  It's hard enough setting up for a duct leakage test without then having to worry if the tape is going to stay where you put it.  That's one of the attributes of Vent Caps Systems that makes them invaluable for sealing duct systems.  Once they're up, they're up.  Vent Caps™ seal air vents whether they're dripping in condensation, freshly painted, or dirty as the dickens and they make the test results reliable and reproducible.  Energy Auditors and HERS Raters both have quality assurance providers double checking test results.  Having them match not only keep the auditor or rater out of the dog house, but consistent results lend credence to the home performance industry.

Have you had trouble with the tape sticking to these new paints?  Please comment below if this has been an issue for you in the field.