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Use the Ladder for Decorations — Not Duct Leakage Testing!

If you’ve ever put up holiday lights, you know how much of a pain wrestling with them can be while standing on an unstable ladder. In fact, it’s probably such a pain that you try to avoid pulling out the ladder every year when it comes time to decorate. Why, then, do you put yourself through the hassle of using a ladder and vent tape for all of your duct leakage testing?

Eliminate the Ladder with Vent Caps

The prep work for duct leakage testing is notoriously tedious, often involving messy vent tape and a precarious ladder. Fortunately, you can remove vent tape and ladders from the equation entirely with Vent Caps. All you have to do to cover and seal a high register is attach your Vent Cap to a Pole RAT (remote attachment tool). Raise the Vent Cap towards the register, lock it in place, and you’re done.

You’ll save time in your duct leakage testing while protecting yourself, your team, and your customer’s property in the process. Instead of ladder-related injuries and damaged property, you’ll have happier employees and customers. Now, if only there were a product as good as the Pole RAT for hanging holiday lights...

What Will Vent Caps Do for Your Business?

You know that Vent Caps eliminate the need for a ladder, keep employees safe, and protect customer property from damage; but those are just a few of the many benefits that Vent Caps can offer your business. Vent Caps also offer numerous financial benefits to contractors who regularly conduct duct leakage testing. Because Vent Caps are durable and reusable, you won’t have to continue buying endless amounts of vent tape for all of your testing.

Vent Caps also save a great deal of time, allowing you to budget your valuable time elsewhere and serve more customers. There also won’t be any lost income due to injury, and you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements for damaged customer property. With Vent Caps, the savings really do add up quickly. And when you consider the fact that Vent Caps also look professional and ensure accuracy in every duct leakage test, making the switch to Vent Cap Systems is really a no-brainer.

Save the ladder for your holiday decorations. Switch to Vent Cap Systems so you’ll never have to stand on an unstable ladder during duct leakage testing again.

Tired of using a ladder for your duct leakage testing? Shop Vent Caps.

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